A septoplasty, also called a “submucous septal resection,” is used to correct a deviated septum in your nose. When the septum — the piece of cartilage that separates your nostrils — is not straight, whether from genetics or injury, it could affect your ability to breathe through your nose. This happens when the cartilage deviates into one of the nasal cavities, especially at 50 degrees or larger. Luckily, Dr. David Fallah can correct this at Sun City Oral Surgery & Implant Center, allowing you to breathe properly.

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon will start by putting you under general anesthesia before making an incision inside your nose. He will remove the deviated cartilage while leaving enough to provide bone structure. Depending on your particular case, he may put splints in your nose that will stay for a few days. After your procedure, there will be no external swelling or discoloration of your nose or surrounding areas, but it will take a number of weeks to properly heal. A very small percentage of patients experience excessive bleeding, though we are here to help correct that if this is the case.

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